They are:

  • Practical 
  • Mess-free
  • Comfy for your feathered one
  • stylish 
  • washable/reusable
  • High quality & durable


 You have to line the inside with something. We suggest Newborn human baby diapers, or puppy training pads cut to size. 


The diapers have elastic straps that stretch, the diapers adjust to many different duck varieties and ducks with different measurements.  


These diapers fit most ducks in the mallard family, that includes Mallards, Pekins, Khaki Campbells, Runners, Swedish, Cayuga, Call, Silver Appleyard ducks + more....

The diapers also fit some muscovy ducks, but please make sure your duck's measurements are close to those of the diapers,before purchasing.


***If you have a fabric you like, and would like it to be made into diapers, we will do that at no additional cost. Just ship us the fabric and the amount of diapers you want to be made with the fabric. The cost per diaper would depend on the amount you order....the more, the cheaper each one will be. Email us BEFORE you ship your fabric out so we can discuss details first. 



Funny Cats Print Duck Diaper