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Estefany Jasso 

or Estefany Y. Jasso B.

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May 10, 1995

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Making pet videos on Youtube.

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Tampico, Mexico.

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These are the questions that you guys asked via Instagram, i'm going to answer them truthfully now! - steff J

(i might add more from youtube or facebook with time....or swap these out eventually to keep things fresh)



Short answer: It just happened.

 Long answer: I grew up loving animals, but wasn't allowed any....not inside the house. I remember we had outdoor dogs, & sometimes stray cats would settle in our front yard because i would sneak food out for them at night lol. I remember my mom & her friends would take all the kids to the Houston zoo a couple times a month probably, i loved it....it's probably what awoke the "unusual animals keeper" in me. 

Growing up i preferred The Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel over Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.

(don't get me wrong, i still watched sometimes lol, i just preferred the others).

 My parents and my brother that i grew up with DO like animals, but not like me...I literally consider my pets my children/family. When i was around 10-ish i was allowed a hamster! He was my first pet.... he was MY full responsibility....i fed him, made sure his water bottle was full, cleaned his cage.... gave him lot's of love. The reason i wasn't allowed pets before him was because both my parents worked full time, and my mom knew if i had pets, she would be the one caring for them since i was still just a kid.

Nicko, my hamster, was my initiation into pet keeping. I did great with him....i have so many beautiful memories of him. I would spend all my allowance on him, buying him toys and snacks, bedding... & on my first Christmas with him, instead of asking for video games, or anything for myself....I asked for a BIG cage for him with lots of cool tunnels & accessories that i couldn't afford with my allowance lol.....

so I GOT IT! it was the best Christmas ever.

afterwards i was taken more serious when it came to animals. I remember caring for orphaned kitten litters, caring for baby birds that fell out of nests (& not taken back by the parents), pet sitting family member's pets while they went on vacation....things like that started just happening.

So skip forward to my my early teen years....i started middle school, and stopped doing animal stuff. I was more into spending time with friends....going out....boys.....yup. The average.

My parents got divorced, my brother decided to live with my dad, i stayed with my mom.....my "family" ended. 

Then i started my rebellious stage.....(so typical huh)

i will not go in depth about that....the things i did....the trouble i got into.....yup....ok.....

so then my stepdad came into my life! :)

Obviously i hated him at first lol....& i was terrible to him haha....& my mom.....#sorry

After some time we discovered we're both huge animal lovers.....that's what brought us closer.

He brought a tiny dog home one day (benji, for those who remember him)

 He belonged to my step bro's but according to my stepdad, they didn't have enough time for him.....

after that, it didn't stop.

Any animal he would find that needed help, he brought home for me to help it.....Papi was found in a dumpster, Lucia in a corner store parking lot, Maya roaming the streets....the list goes on. They all had bad health problems....Lucia was definitely the worst. I remember thinking she was going to die. She had pneumonia....and was skin and bones. She was a pup, so her immune system wasn't fully developed. I remember boiling water, dropping some vicks in there, and holding her over the steam to help her breathe (being careful not to burn her obviously). That went on for days, multiple times a day. I was sleepy as hell in school the next day lol.....but when Lucia started getting better it was all worth it.

We would re-home the healthier animals, and would keep the ones that where in the worst shape (because they were under our care longer while trying to get them healthy...they would bond with us & the rest of the babies)

At this point my mom was just as involved. She helped with everything....slowly she became just as big of an animal lover too.

(fast-forward to now, she treats the animals better than me, her own daughter, that she carried for 9 months LOL, but im okay with that....if anything it makes my heart melt.)

We basically had a mini rescue going....except my stepdad funded everything lol.

So this is how my stepdad got me to get my act together, stop doing stupid stuff, fixed my relationship with my mom, and got me back into animals.

He nurtured that part of me that no one understood when I was growing up. He understands. We're the same. I wouldn't be doing anything good in my life if it were't for him. It's funny because no one doubts that im his daughter lol...He refers to me as his daughter, and me to him as my dad. So we aren't related by blood right, but because were so identical in lots of ways, people never suspect, and forget, that we aren't related. He always jokes that him and my mom had a thing when they were younger, made me (i know, eww, lol), and she never told him of me till they got together haha.

So turtles came into my life shortly after. 

One of my step bro's gave me his turtles because he saw the way i was with animals. He felt they would be better with me. 

So this is when Titto came into my life. (there was originally him & another turtle, but i no longer have the other one. Just Titto.)

I got into aquariums & fish because of my turtles.....then into reptiles, then into birds.....and just, yeah.....yall know where im at now lol.

I still do rescues, iv'e never stopped, it's my true passion. It's what im good at, it's what makes me feel like im doing something good on this earth.

I don't post about all of them or make videos of all the rescues i do because i don't do it for views, or subscribers, or comments praising me. I don't feel like pulling out a camera EVERY TIME i help an innocent animal that has had it rough. I want to live through it in the moment and not behind a camera. The few rescue stories/videos that DO make it to my social media accounts, and eventually Youtube, are because i still want people to feel inspired after watching....i feel SO HAPPY when i read emails, comments, DMs, from people who have gotten into rescuing after watching a rescue video I've put out. If i can inspire 10 people to help 1 animal in need, that's 10 animals....and 10 people who could go on to rescue more animals in the future.....it adds up.

Another reason i don't always share: it's rough.

There's not always happy endings. I'm still figuring out how to deal with that myself. So how do i tell my viewers that it's going to be okay, to stay optimistic, to smile, to keep going, when I'm heartbroken myself?

Plus, some people are SO NEGATIVE.....see a sick animal....push euthanasia....put it out of it's misery...i don't need that negativity every time things get rough...AND things get rough all the time with animal rescues! RIGHT NOW, as im typing, im dealing with alot of stress and anxiety due to a current rescue. (i feel cold sores coming in on my lips due to the stress....happens alot when im in this situation. Stress triggers cold sores on my lips.....a little TMI huh? lol)

I have not said anything about this at all on the internet, but im currently on day 8 of a tough rescue. 

There's this stray cat. The streets have been mean with her. Males are very rough with females when trying to mate. She was oozing out pus from her mouth, arms, and cheek. Looks like a male beat her up to mate. She could barely walk, was obviously in pain, and had a foul odor coming from the wounds. IM NOT A VET, i have some knowledge, but when things are serious, i go straight to my vet. (i have 2 vets actually, so if one isn't available in the moment for some reason, i go to the other.) I got her there, the prognosis was bad. She ended up having septicemia (blood poisoning, infection that has spread everywhere) & she needed brain surgery because the infection had reached her head (they had to see if it had damaged her brain and was too far gone.).....fast forwarding, she made it through, the infection hadn't reached her brain, they cleaned out all the dead tissue, drained pus,..etc. She was released afterwards, i bring her home, she keeps on recovering smoothly, shes thriving, eating on her own, walking, pooping....everything is going great! THEN 4 days ago she becomes lethargic. I take her to the vet & she gets admitted.

The prognosis is bad, once again, but I am having them try everything to see if this lil girl pulls through. Yesterday was particularly a bad day for her. She has been in critical care the last 4 days at the vet clinic. I call to ask about her everyday at 11 AM and at 6PM i go over to see her. Yesterday she was doing bad. While i was visiting her, the Vet clinic assistants let me go in there alone (where they are keeping her). I opened her kennel, see her, she sees me, and meows. She remembers me. Then I see her in that condition, and i start crying. This isn't my pet, i have no deep bond with her, but i feel for her. She seemed miserable. I felt GUILTY keeping her alive almost. I know that i can tell the vet, this is enough, it's time to let her go, and it will all be over... she will no longer be in pain, but she will also not exist anymore....so instead I keep insisting they try everything.

There i was yesterday, alone in the room, with my head inside the kennel laying next to her, ugly crying. I had no idea what to do, what to say, DO I TELL THEM TO STOP? AM I PROLONGING HER SUFFERING? AM I DOING THE WRONG THING? IS IT TIME TO GIVE UP? 

This is why i don't film & post everything.....if i'm doubting MYSELF this way....what would other people say? Particularly those who already dislike me....those who look for any little thing to put me down. Im strong. It doesn't affect me usually because i know who i am. But this is a situation where I AM DOUBTING MYSELF. IM VULNERABLE. I don't need or want the negativity, and i don't want to bring it into my viewer's lives either. 

Also, i look a mess in moments like this.....don't nobody wanna see that lol. JK.

So i look at the Kitty, I take one good look at her before leaving the room. I say to her, "are you tired?" (i know she doesn't understand me, duh. I just want to see how alert and responsive she is.) She looks up at me. I don't see "the look". Those who rescue animals....those who have had to put a pet down due to health, age....,those who have gone through this....you know EXACTLY what im talking about. 

 There's a look they give you. You can't describe it, but when you see it, you know that's the one. It means they gave it their all, it means they are tired, it means they are ready to go....it means that if you ask them to stay, they will hold on as much as possible FOR YOU, but that they are ready to go.  The look means it's going to happen soon. 

 I know the look.

She didn't do the look.

So as long as she's got fight in her, i'm gonna fight for her. She has never had a human to be her voice before. Im her voice now. 

So I get myself together before leaving the room. I wipe my tears & snot with my shirt sleeves lol.

(it's been chilly enough here for long sleeve stuff, HELLO WINTER! i've missed you....boot season is back!)

I start talking to the other animals in the other cages, that are also in recovery with her, to try and get the redness in my face and the poofy eyes to go away. 

The cage to her right has a pigeon, under her there is a big boxer with the cutest face, that kept asking me for attention lol...above her there is a albino hedgehog curled up, sleeping.  Why are they so adorable?!

A couple minutes later im feeling good enough to face the vet assistants, & my mom.

(i don't like to let people see me cry)

Just before walking out, i close the cage, & the kitty meows! She wants me to stay? idk. lol.

So she gets up, i open the cage again, and offer her food from the bowl they have in there with her, & she starts devouring! I fed her with my finger to help her out... and she gobbles up about half the food in the bowl. 

That's how i knew for sure i wasn't wrong.

She's not done. She's still fighting to live. It's not time to give up.

So fast forwarding again.

 When i speak to the vet again, one of the things i asked her was, "is she worse than yesterday?" She says: no, she hasn't gotten better or worse, she's the same. So i tell her, "Okay, then let's keep doing what we are doing & waiting it out."

So today! 

i called at 11AM to ask about her progress....honestly the vet didn't sound very optimistic in the morning. I was worried all day TBH.

(the cold sore grew! LOL)

I went over at 6PM to see her, & got great news! I walk in, see the vet, & i ask her, "how is she?".

To my surprise, she said in a really happy voice: VERY GOOD! she has been more active today than any other day. She is moving around in her cage, still eating and drinking, & is more alert. 

 MY HEART! I was really happy to hear that. Obviously, she still warned me that she's still bad, & that she might not get better, ever. So i went over to see her, spent time with her, & left. 

Before i left though, i asked the vet:

"is she worse than yesterday?" She says: no, she's slightly better today than yesterday. So i tell her, "Okay, then let's keep doing what we are doing & waiting it out."

and that is what has happened so far.

It worries me that she could just not get better, ever.....and since she did so well today out of nowhere... what if this is one of those times where the patient gets a lot better, before getting a lot worse....I've seen that happen lot's of times too. 

This whole situation is just scary. I want her to live :(

I want her to know what it's like to be loved, to feel safe, to have a roof over her head and not have to worry about danger ever again.

So ill let y'all know how things continue going with this lil girl....regardless of the outcome.

This is a pretty normal day in my life. It's why I take long to upload new videos sometimes....or go missing on social media....i'm still working on keeping myself together in times like this. Despite all the years. You'd think i'd have it figured out by now lol.

Rescuing animals is what I do. (not for a living. I make no money or get any help from anyone to cover the costs, vet bills, etc.) 

It's purely what fills my heart. BUT, because it's also what breaks me down, makes me lose sleep, skip meals...etc. It's the part of my life I least share on the internet. Most of the videos I put out on my channel are about my other pets, doing fun stuff, making people laugh, because I NEED THAT. I need to laugh, & have a good time....recharge for when times get tough. My other pets are my sunshine. They keep me going. 

So that's a little bit of my life.....how i got into animals....& how i got into rescuing. LONG ANSWER HUH? 

I'll keep the rest of the answers to you guy's questions short & simple from now on :)

-Steff J




Pretty young. I went more in depth about that above :)

-Steff J



Surprisingly, YES! I still have free time for myself to do other things. I'm not completely alone on this, I have help & a great support system.

It takes a village lol. If I had to do everything myself though...probably not. 

-Steff J



Yes. All brothers -.-

Lalo & Jorge are my half brothers (my dad's kids before my mom) But I never say "half"....they are my brothers.

Erick is my full brother. The one i grew up with. The one i annoyed the hell out of lol. ( which I still try to do as much as i can XD)

David & Henry are my step bro's. (My stepdad's kids before my mom)

Except i don't like using the word "step" before bro or dad. It makes it feel less real to me. So I refer to them as brothers and dad. They are full family to me.

So im the youngest...lol Im the baby & the only girl. Explains a lot huh?

-Steff J



My 3rd grade teacher gave me the nickname "steph" except with an "F" instead of "ph" because of the spelling of my name....and it stuck throughout the years lol.....THANK YOU MRS. GRAFF! (she was awesome! i often think of her and wonder how she is doing.)

 So my first name is Estefany....(pronounced Uh-stephanie,.......thanks mom -_____-) 

 My nickname would've been "stef" except that looked kind of weird, so i always added the 2nd "F" in the end.

That's how "Steff" became my nickname. Everyone called me that. 

 The "J" is just the first letter of my last name. 

 so that's how "ESTEFANY JASSO" turned into "STEFF J"


-Steff J



As a kid, you could tell i was into animals....more than the average kid....so it's probably not shocking to them.

From what I've been told, the fact that i'm a Youtuber is what surprises them most. 

I don't see or talk to a lot of "family" since my parents divorce cause it was messy....

but they see me online and know what i do....i don't exactly know what they think of it.

The ones who's opinions matter to me are my mom & stepdad. They fully support what i do and like to see me happy doing what i love.

That's all i need.

 My bro Erick is one of my biggest supporters, even from a distance lol. (we live about 6 hours away)

He watches all my videos, calls my mom and asks why i haven't posted when i don't....he is subscribed to the newsletters here on this website....

When he visits, he says my dogs and cats are too spoiled lol....which is true. He also really likes the chameleons.

 He's probably reading this right now. If you are.....YOU SUCK. lol.

No, but thank you, i do notice. I never say it in person cause you know, we have the whole "big bro, annoying lil sister, picking on each other, thing" going on lol.....but i appreciate your support....loser XD

-Steff J



The day I introduce someone on social media....that starts making appearances on my videos....that's the day I have something serious going on with someone, and that I see a future with. You guys are like family! so when I finally introduce someone to y'all it's going to be kind of like me bringing someone home to meet the family....my internet family lol.

So no, no one right now :)

-Steff J



Yes! I moved a few years ago. (with ALL my pets lol, what an adventure.)

"OHANA means family....and family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten" 

 It's so beautiful here. I wish the media showed how great Mexico really is. The food, the people, the wildlife, the landscapes....SO BEAUTIFUL.

-Steff J



Well, im from Houston so....lol

***GO ASTROS!***

and NO, not everyone in Texas speaks in a thick, southern accent like in movies haha.

So I actually know more English than Spanish..... it wasn't really till i moved to mexico that i learned Spanish in a way that i can have conversations with people now and stuff. 

I have an accent when i speak Spanish though, which i'm still trying to diminish (those of you who speak Spanish can hear it) ...and i struggle to find words for what I want to say sometimes, just, i'm still working on Spanish. I think I've progressed a lot these past few years though.

So STEFF J MX was born recently. It's still new, but its a 2nd pet channel where i post all my videos in Spanish.....yup, i film and edit all my videos twice now....it drives me a little insane honestly lol. 

To answer the 2nd question, i'm fluent in English & Spanish.

I know some of others but i'm concentrating on Spanish at the moment.

-Steff J



I don't believe in putting all your eggs in one basket lol.....so no. I have multiple sources of income that fund my lifestyle and what i do. 

I don't have a job where i go in everyday for 8+ hours then come home to my animals at night, then sleep & repeat the next day. There's other ways for you to make money with minimal effort, & without you having to be present. I like having the freedom to be wherever i want, whenever, and still make money.

That's how i can stay home all day if i wan't, be with my animals, work on some projects,....heck, im making money right now as I type this.

It's why I can afford to not post a video in a month or more.

Any Youtuber that fully depends on Youtube for their lifestyle knows they need to fully 100% dedicate their everyday life to filming, editing, posting, being active on social media, attracting sponsors, make friends with other youtubers, collabs, go to events...etc. It's not easy. Its more consuming than any full time job, its sucks you up. Plus it's not stable. You can do good one month, and bad 2 months....then your videos become more about getting views, you want and will do anything for subscribers, the numbers are what matters to you, your content isn't about what it used to be about....it can be dark. 

Ever heard the quote "Work smart, not hard"? I live by it.

In high school, a teacher would constantly give us motivational talks about this in class and i guess it just stuck with me.

(he was my history teacher, except he didn't teach much about history)

He would often say things to us like, *deep voice* "I make money while i sleep" lol

My other classmates, that I know of, didn't take his advise....i'm not sure why it made so much sense to me.

He went in to work every day because he wanted to, not because he had to.

Teaching was not what he did for a living, he just wanted to inspire "the future of tomorrow"....and he was living it up....golfing, drove sports cars, traveling...

I do Youtube because i want to share my animal adventures with you guys. I want to inspire you guys. 

Not going to lie, the money isn't bad, but it's not all about the numbers for me. I'd be trying to promote my brand and get my name out as much as possible if it were lol. 

BUT, i don't like disappearing as much as i do sometimes....

(all-though please understand that it usually means i'm working on a tough rescue, and its going bad.)

I'd like to get back to posting once or twice a week like i used to.

All of you who are subscribed, who support me, who buy merch, who DM me long thoughtful messages, who send mail to my p.o. box, who are here reading right now, you deserve it. 

I will be adjusting my lifestyle in the coming weeks so i can focus more on getting more content out, REGULARLY.

I will however, make it clear that i don't depend on anyone else financially. Everything i have and do and spend on my animal children and myself is because i work hard....or should i say, smart? 

I get help administering everything and organizing and stuff....that's a lot of help.

-Steff J



I live with my mom. I can't live alone with all these animals, tend to all their needs, take new ones in regularly, do Youtube, run errands, do what i do....etc.

I don't think that would be very healthy for me to do alone, and the animals would be ones to suffer the consequences.

I need the help. She is someone I completely trust, that knows my system.

When I said "it takes a village" earlier, I meant it.

To be clear, I don't leech off of her. I am the head of the house, I pay all bills, buy groceries, pay car insurance, gas, etc. She has no need to ever work a day in her life unless she feels like doing so.

She helps me 24/7 if I need her to, so that's the least i can do for her.

-Steff J



I'm not currently in school.

Of course I wanted to grow up and work with animals, or do something with art....but neither of those have jobs in that area that pay GOOD-GOOD unless you get really lucky.

I knew the lifestyle I wanted for myself...and I went another route that would allow me to live it without always living paycheck to paycheck or being broke.

I'm still young, and have business plans i'd like to full fill (and working towards), but they aren't related to animals in any way, yet if it works out, it should allow me to help even more animals.

 So i'm doing things not related to animals, that require very little of my time, so that i can dedicate my time and money to animals, while still being well off.

-Steff J



I don't count them.

Do the rescues that come and go count?

how about each individual fish in each aquarium?

and the cricket, fly, & worm colonies? are they all 1 pet or does each one count individually?

too confusing lol.

and no, i have not done a "feeding all my pets" video. Let me tell you why.

Yup, those are sure hits....if i wanted to get millions of views and gain a crap ton of subscribers i'd film a house tour, i'd update the all my pets video more often, a feeding all my pets video, some controversial videos....but that's not what I want my channel to be about.

A realistic feeding all my pets video wouldn't work because not all my animals eat in 1 day. My dogs and cats eat multiple times a day, I give the rats pellets along with snacks or fresh stuff or human stuff to change it up. The ducks eat all day plus the snacks. My toad Fiona eats every few days, the smaller toad eats every 2-3 days, depends on the temp....they eat bigger amounts and more often when its warmer. My iguana eats daily but i change it up every week, my turtles eat every day in warmer weather & every 3-4 days if its too cold, the birds have feeders that will last them about a week....the list goes on and on. They are never all in sync. So filming a "feeding all my pets in one video" video wouldn't include all my pets unless I force the ones that shouldn't eat that day to eat.....for what, views?

Plus not all of them eat the same thing every day. For example, It would look bad if I show some of my turtles just eating pellets because then people could assume they all eat pellets every day and that it's fine if they feed their turtles just pellets everyday when in reality pellets are too high in protein for some of them as an everyday diet and they need more plant based diets on other days to balance out their dietary needs. There's also the thing with supplements....Keeping exotic pets means supplementing for things that they would eat in their natural environment that you cant replicate in captivity....supplements aren't an everyday thing and depending on the combinations, some days you use one, other days a mix, other days nothing....its just SO MUCH!

What I could do instead is something like a week's feedings all in one video so you guys can see how it changes everyday.

Let me know if that sounds like something you'd like to see.

-Steff J



I answered your first question above.

YES! I LOVE HORSES! I almost bought one recently but because I live in the city, I would have to pay boarding and he'd live somewhere else. I would't be able to see him as often as i'd like and he wouldn't be as bonded to me. It's just bad timing, but i'd love to own some in the future.

& wow you move fast. How about taking me out to dinner first? lol

-Steff J



OKAY i will! :) 

-Steff J

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